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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports around 1,500 fatalities in Pennsylvania due to motor vehicle accidents. The number of serious injuries is even higher.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an auto accident in the Philadelphia area, or if a loved one was killed call the Law Offices of Andrew David Montroy.

Experienced Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Crash Attorneys

Our Philadelphia motor vehicle accident attorneys have handled serious motor vehicle accident cases, including:

We understand how to challenge insurance companies’ reluctance to give full and fair compensation by building strong cases that clearly show why financial damages are necessary. We tell our clients’ stories in a compelling and persuasive manner, emphasizing medical reports and projected financial loss over their lifetime. Our approach has helped us recover millions of dollars in compensation for auto accident victims suffering from head injuries, spinal cord injuries and other serious injuries.

Aggressively Analyzing Your Motor Vehicle Accident Case

The first step in a car accident or other motor vehicle crash is to determine how and why the accident occurred. Law Offices Of Andrew David Montroy aggressively pursues the answers to these questions. We gather and preserve evidence right away so we can build the strongest case possible on your behalf. When necessary, we will consult accident and medical experts to help us understand your case and the extent of your serious injuries.

Additionally, we prepare all our cases as if going to trial. That way, if an insurance company does not give us what we want through negotiations, we can easily seek what you deserve in court.

Learn Your Rights After a Car Crash

To discuss your legal rights and options after a motor vehicle accident, please contact our offices at 215-735-1850.